“Work is the curse of the drinking classes” 
― Oscar Wilde

What's Up, Friends?

Fine Diving in the heart of Colfax

Southside Bar | Kitchen & The Beetle Bar were created to bring our friends, neighbors and guests the concept of Fine Diving.

What is Fine Diving? It's a sense of belonging, a sense of family, when you sit at our bar. It's being able to enjoy fantastic craft beers, exceptionally made cocktails and delicious scratch-made food without having to empty your wallet and pawn your favorite pet. It's giving each of you a place to call your social home whether you're wearing Carhartts or Cartier.


Whether you're looking for a place to grab a drink & some food after work, planning a night out with your friends or colleagues, or you want a place for a chill date with that special someone, the whole idea of Fine Diving is to give you a spot where you can hang out and do any or all of those things.


Come and relax. Listen to great music, enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends or colleagues. and experience the art of Fine Diving for yourself.